Portable Ashtrays

Think of ashtrays and you probably think of heavy, thick glass or metal dishes which can barely be picked up with one hand. We sell plenty of those, but the great thing about Ashtray Outlet is that we sell just about every other kind of ashtray, too. On this page you’ll find the types of lightweight ashtray that are perfect for taking on the move.

These ashtrays’ portable designs don’t compromise on quality or reliability. They’re made from hard-wearing materials and built to last, wherever you take them. Among the UK’s best range of portable ashtrays you’ll find car ashtrays and more, ensuring that you’ll never be caught without one.

Whichever type of portable ashtray you opt for, it should be with you well before you need to take it on the road as all our orders are processed and dispatched within just 24 hours of being placed. Plus, with no extra charge for postage, you can be sure that the price you see here is the price you’ll pay for your portable ashtray.

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