Metal Ashtrays

One of the things we aim to offer at Ashtray Outlet is as broad a range of ashtray designs as possible, from the traditional to the quirky and unusual. Metal ashtrays are among the most simple and traditional ashtray designs you can find, but the selection you see below isn’t like any other. While it includes classic designs, a wide range of finishes and shapes make this the best selection of metal ashtrays in the UK.

As with any product from Ashtray Outlet, you can be sure that all the metal ashtrays below are made from high-quality materials like stainless steel, and are designed and built to become lasting additions to your home or establishment. Our metal ashtrays in particular offer a wide variety of functions – from conventional flat ashtrays to spinning ashtrays and push ashtrays.

Whichever one of the metal ashtrays below catches your eye, you can not only be sure of great value for money but we guarantee that all products are dispatched within just 24 hours of you placing your order – and postage is free in the UK.