Atomic 2 Go Car Cup And Lid Ashtray (Display Of 6)


Once upon a time, it was normal to find that your car came with a built-in ashtray. But now they’re a rare addition so we have to find creative solutions. That’s why Atomic designed their new 2 Go Coffee Cup Car Ashtray. Designed with a modern fashionable audience in mind, they come in a range of vibrant colours so they cannot be missed.

They even fit perfectly into your car’s coffee cup holder, meaning that you don’t have to sacrifice functionality to go with their funky style. Best of all they can be used anywhere, and with their small size, you can smoke discreetly on the go again without having to worry about whether you’ll find an ashtray.

Atomic 2 Go Car Cup And Lid Ashtray Display Of 6. Assorted Colours.

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